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Iwan Gunawan, S.Pd

Possibly many between us ( teachers) which confusion looks for source of learning and information source to support study process of social science in elementary school. Sometimes we only fetch up all standing by what we to have is the existing that is package book. Of course we are not wrong if using package book as hold, because package book of course have been designed in is standard to fulfill curriculum demand. However knowing us that curriculum often under developed from changes happened in public? Curriculum becomes goods which is easy is obsolescence?. The questions claims we are for always innovates ourself, either from the knowledge nor information facet of social science study supporter.

If we will be honest and ‘ a few ' creative, actually what a abundance of information which we able to apply to process social science study, one of between it is exploiting of print media ( newspaper and magazine) and video. It is one impossibilities if there is teacher which have never read newspaper at all or have never seen an unique case in public which able to be applied as study media. Then why we must hold peace with the abundance information? Again tries ‘ a few ' creative with the information in your environment.

There is a tradition which has become a ‘ primordial ' for us, that newspaper and magazine only be applied at the time of children ordered to make cliping. Searching – scissors – patchs and delivers at teacher, then what ability which able to gotten by pupil? Ability cuts and patchs? It is really too simple if children only get the thing, what is the difference with kindergarden’s student? We must try to develop our children’s analysis through real events in public. Lets them to take conclusion from information which they get in newspaper and magazine. Lets them to analyse an event of according to their own opinion? sight. You – as a teacher – who have accountability for realizing the thing.

Then was also an other tradition, that video only be exploited to save activity only, like activity of fanfare Muharram, Field Study, or other activities. The video herein after we look on, and after looked on case pot is nothing. Then was have ever been passed by quickly in mind we to make video as component of support study? If has not, what becoming you resistance? Let us learning together.

Be creative with newspaper and magazine
Newspaper and magazine as one of information source the always up to date, it can give us much information of child study supporter. Besides also because in character pursuing current affairs, hence directly or not have claimed us – as pembacauntuk always innovates information which we to have, keeps abreast of news in the newspaper and magazine.

Renewal process of such information, not merely property of adult, especially our as teacher, but having to transferred to educative participant of we, that they become SDM the always relates to knowledge and information which fresh still.

We all mutuallies agree to that any study and education its(the value don't mean, if cannot be applied practically in everyday life. With other word, study and education doesn't have good meaning, otherwise had practical value. On that account, solution fundamental a lesson matter didn't only about knowledge which theoretical conceptual as of eye, but dug from everyday life, starts from family area, market, road, hotspot and others.

In this case, practical value of that adapted for level of their age and activity of everyday educative participant. This knowledge can be used for practical social in following: reading news, hear radio, reads news in newspaper and faces everyday life problems.

Study of social science by using newspaper and magazine as supporter media processed tidy and in draws, and not quit of of everyday life, directly or doesn't have practical value and strategic in constructing human resource as things have panned out life today as well as a period of which will come.

Exploiting of newspaper and magazine as supporter media, it can be in case study ( for example corruption case and crimes), compares study ( for example comparing level of progress of inter-states technology), analysis study ( for example looking for dengue disease cause), and it can also be used in public expose like wall magazine and class magazine. So children is not merely can cut and patchs only, not?

Usage of print media will give some positive impacts. First, returns authority and prestige of the teacher, where teacher has freedom to explore and having experiment of their ability, and quit of handcuffed package book. Second, civilizes teaching of multiple equipment and multiple direction. Third, increases pupil read enthusiasm. Pupil read enthusiasm stagnan would continuously during pupil condition of guidance must and feels is enough only with one kinds of packet book only.

Teaching learning Process till now, confessed or no, tends to predominated by concurrent teaching, teacher as king and pupil as subordinate. Pupil only be made object which must receive something submitted by teacher. By giving freedom to pupil to look for information of supporter, through various medias ( one of them is print media), hence will open space to discuse, dialogue and communicates, causing learning process teachs will take place dynamically, democratic and open.

One pictures a thousand meanings
Said upper taken away ‘message' the multimedia experts about film. Right or wrong of this message of course still need to be proved. But if we ordered pupil we to tell again a film looked on by it, we are sure – hopefully you also support me-student will be able to tell again the story summary, either in trace and or random. Even they felt besotted, if invited to look on film, so forgot time.

Book Harry Potter which so after thick – sold millions of coffee in all over the world- it will require days time to comprehend contents of its story. But when contents of the book is realized on film, we just need time at least two hour to comprehend contents of its story, enough effective not? Thereby ‘ message ' the multimedia experts we can say 99 % truely correct, then how if if only ‘ message ' the is brought to learning process to teach us? Cannot, yes? The answer depend on your own, will or doesn't realize it in study, hard? didn't punish ownself formerly for this matter.

We are as teacher don’t be idealistic to result the best motion picture which spectacular as super film Gladiator, Troy, Mozes or Titanic. We are not director , we are teacher. We are only having capacities differing from director. We have to try observing area around us, there is market, there is road/street, there is public is working together, there is man is being seeing other corpse or events. Why we let all event of the lives elapses off hand? Tries immortalizing with Handycam, digital camera or our camcorder. You don’t need director, because all event of that is walking as it is - according to line of the Lord (Khalik)- That is source of learning which have never over.

If we will have a few creative ability, tries using simple computer program to edit your film and gives a few effects, so that more attractive. We can apply video editor software just like Ulead Video Studi 9, Pinnacle Studi 8, VCD CUTTER or if is rather professionals can be applied Adobe Premiere 7 software.

Invites our student to see film that we have made (masterpiece), and sees their reaction. This film can be more attractive, if we are as their teacher being as main star. Experience of writer in using film in social science teaching enough giving interesting response of pupil enthusiasm to follow the study.

Film applied as a means of study, has entangled many aspects, besides hearing and eyesight, also often entangles feeling, as also to if we see grievous, what makes us moved emotionally and sometimes walks tear. Film is also able to become equipment that is most effective to demonstrate a skilled, for example lesson of gymnastic as well as sales in market, compared to still picture. Then why you still feeling confuses with information source? Come on moving...let Indonesia teachers go a head (

Iwan Gunawan, S.Pd
Teacher SD SALMAN AL FARISI BANDUNG at social science subject. (

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