Thursday, November 22, 2007

Boost Your Child’s Self Esteem

“Educate and teach your children, because they will live in different moment and different age of you”
Prophet Muhammad SAW

  • Laugh at your child’s jokes
  • Be silly with your child once in a while
  • If your child has a favorite outfit, let her wear it – a lot
  • Don’t spare superlatives (“wow”, “terrific”, “awesome”, etc) when your child excels at something.
  • Don’t make excuses for your child. Let her take the consequences of her actions
  • Understand that sometimes your child may not want to grow up. It’s too scary. Let him be little a little while longer.
  • If your child complains that you’re to crabby, think about it. The kid just might be right
  • Teach your child that the only dumb question is the one never asked
  • Build something together with your child
  • If your child tells you a secret, keep it
  • Don’t promise what you can’t deliver
  • Encourage your child to learn and try new things-but don’t push too hard or too fast
  • Don’t ignore or shy away from tough questions
  • Tell other people about your child’s successes – in front of your child
  • Teach your child to finish projects once they’re started
  • Remember what your child tells you
  • Encourage yor child to explore and solve problems ob his own, rather than you doing things for him all the time
  • Make “looking out for each other” a basic value in your family
  • Teach your child how to apologize
  • When your child’s world has come to an end, just help him get through the day. A new wold will start tomorrow.
  • Don’t be phony around your child. She’ll know it and her trust will be undermined
  • Show your child how to break big tasks down into smaller ones and take one step at a time
  • Let your child know that anybody can have a good idea
  • Don’t accept sloppy work from your child. There is pride in a job well done.
  • Teach your child that the world isn’t much impressed by show-offs and know-it-all
  • Remember that older children don’t like to be babied.
  • Teach your child good manners. It will give her more confidence in social situations.
  • Teach your child ways to have fun without spending money.
  • Don’t patronize your child. She may not know what to call it, but she’ll know what you’re doing and won’t like it.
  • Teach your child to accept help when it’s needed and offered.
  • Encourage your child to start a collection that no one else has.
  • Give your child a vacation from chores once in a while. ( if it’s good for you, it’s good for your child).
  • Teach your child about the power of first impression.
  • Teach your child how to read a map.
  • Don’t over schedule your child. Give him time to be “just a kid”.
  • Steer your child the autograph of someone famous or important to him.
  • Put your child in charge of a family project such as decorating for the holidays.
  • Teach your child that bigger isn’t always better.
  • Teach your child to take care of his own clothes. It will give both of you greater independence.
  • Give your child some tools of her own
  • If your child volunteers you for something, don’t back out.
  • Teach your child how to be alone without being lonely.
  • Let your child decorate the door to his room as a way to express individuality.
  • Teach your child to check for accuracy.
  • Let your child manage some of her own money.
  • Don’t make light of your child’s crush on someone else.
  • Teach your child to read music.
  • Don’t intrude when your child is in the bathroom.
  • Emphasize the importance of an education to a successful and fulfilling life.
  • Encourage your child to write an illustrated autobiography. It helps validate her as a distinct individual
  • Save your child’s ribbons, awards, and trophies.
  • Don’t shield your child from family problems.
  • Never use abusive phrases such as “you brat” or “you’re no good” with your child.
  • Encourage your child to learn a foreign language at an early age. Better yet, learn it along with your child.
  • Help your child make a junk art sculpture out of broken or discarded toys.
  • Don’t dress your children for your tastes. Let them dress for the real world in which they life.
  • Teach your child how to make introductions.
  • Teach your child how to count change.
  • If possible, stay out of sibling issues. Thing usually work out best when kids work them out for themselves.
  • Watch for signs that your child may be a victim of abuse, bullying, or extortion outside the home.
  • Let your children know they will be cared for if something happens to you.
    If your child does something really good, Don’t forget it right away

    Source :Robert D. Ramsey, Ed. D., 2003, 501 ways to boost your child’s self esteem, McGraw-hill Companies.


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